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Real estate - ERAP

Real estate - ERAP Create new trend New SD/Env VPs

Encode Real-estate Assessment e-Platform (ERAP) is an E-Platform designed based on Artificial Inelegance (AI) and Metaverse technologies for real estate market as fair rating mechanism measures the performance of the real estate components, it has a group of global parameters of assessment certify the sustainability of building, compounds and plots. It distinguishes the top performing real estate projects/units either existing or under construction by re-evaluating them compared to others who simply are not following the global standards.

ERAP provides also package of cost-efficient sustainable development solutions and services which help real estate developers to increase their VPs and rating value that will be reflected on their profits. The platform has a new rating score includes the basic engineering real estate indicators, in addition to an advanced environmental, LEED, DGNB, BREEAM, GSAS and energy efficiency indicators under umbrella of sustainable development automatically tailored and processed in an AI system.

Providing real estate owners in Egypt, who has units/compounds are built according highly sustainable manner huge benefits on the level of life prosperity inside their communities and maximize its economic value.

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