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ENCODE has its eyes on sustainability – always! It is for this simple reason that it keeps the nature and environment close to its roots. It has envisioned to foster projects that are using smart technologies and IOT to conduct an eco-friendly, projects not challenging the ecological balance over decades. These projects are both for governmental and private sectors, and, include but are not limited to smart cities, real-estate, commercial, industrial, renewable energies markets. The multi-dimensional set of capabilities of ENCODE is always attentive and responsive to critical environmental issues and challenges of today that it is actually an investment towards people and their promising future.


The provider of choice for environmental business solutions, market outsourcing and consulting services via latest technologies in the middle east region By 2030.


To develop, plan and manage the best environmental practices, market outstanding and added values to our clients; benefiting our audience processes and smart technologies to achieve optimum performance and getting life prosperity

Transparency, Courage, Teamwork, Commitment
At ENCODE, , we don’t just say our values. we make them a core foundation of everything that we do. they are ingrained across every step along our journey, we live them every day.






ENCODE provides a wide range of solutions/services participate in achieving sustainable development goals, includes Environmental,
Social and economical techniques. We are sharing our solutions with Governments,
Private sector and NGOs.